I am not a number: Alejandra

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I Am Not a Number is an intimate documentary portrait series in which five transgender women take space to tell their own often sidelined stories in their own often silenced words. Each woman shares her experiences of migration, the struggles she faces, and where she finds strength. I am not a Number: Alejandra is the first in the series.

“The story I will share with you, albeit sad, is about love for life and a very human resilience to survive despite the odds.” – Alejandra

A film by: The Transketeers
With special thanks to: Alejandra Ortiz
Director: Bart Peters
Director of Photography: Chris Rijksen
Producer: Jonah Lamers
Editor: Bart Peters

With thanks to Willemijn van Kempen, Papaya Kuir, Gijs Stork and N-P-N Bob Schoo

I am not a Number is a production by The Transketeers and made possible by funding from Queer
Network Amsterdam